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Grazyna Schweidler

Grazyna Schweidler

Potter & Tutor

I'm a stoneware potter and I make mostly functional pieces, and get a lot of joy out of people using the things I make, whether it is a set of mugs or a garden sculpture. I mix up my own glazes from natural minerals, although occasionally I incorporate small amounts of commercial glaze or underglaze to achieve a particular colour on my work that I can't mix myself.
The work is fired in an electric kiln at 1220 degrees C.

I also teach people how to throw and hand build in clay at my home studio Woodside Pottery in West Moors, Dorset. At the studio I also provide one-off taster sessions and experience days for people who just want to 'have a go' and experience pottery making for themselves. I've had many students visit the studio over the last 10 years, who have made some remarkable things from pots to sculptures and everything in-between.

Before deciding to focus on pottery full-time in 2007, I enjoyed a long career as a qualified teacher at various schools and colleges in Dorset.

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